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Delivery trailer

Concept is developed for click & collect services and other kinds of delivery services. A prototype of Delivery trailer is under work. It is  a movable locker system whose locker doors open with access codes. A van or some other road vehicle can transport Delivery trailer to the delivery site where customers collect their items from Delivery trailer.


Video (automated loading) : Delivery_trailer.mp4  

What the video tells about?  Video description.pdf

Video as a slide show: Solution to last mile problem.pdf                                 

Conventional packet automatons:  Problems.pdf 

Solution – Delivery trailer: Features and benefits.pdf

Versatile concept 

A fundamental version of Delivery trailer comprises manually movable picking carts. The video in the above shows a version of automated loading in which loading of the trailer is performed by an automated guided vehicle (AGV).


Example of fundamental version: Multi-use Delivery trailer.pdf

E-grocery example: Grocery trailer.pdf

Various purposes and sizes: Implementation options.pdf


The figure in the below shows one example the trailer and a cart inside of it.


Benefit analysis in parcel delivery

The following documents explain why Delivery trailer will change logistics.


Delivery types, a delivery point, and delivery plans: Terms for analysis.pdf

Conventional packet automaton vs. Delivery trailer: Benefit analysis - DT50.pdf

Use of truck with packet automatons: Benefit analysis - ConvL.pdf


Intellectual property rights (IPR)

Pickdelso has got a patent in the USA (US11345269) and a patent in Europe (EP3548331) for the fundamental version of Delivery trailer. The European patent is validated in the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom.

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