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Takeout wall

Concept is developed for click & collect services and it remarks present packet automatons. A packet automaton is an appropriate locker system for packets, but not for shopping bags. Takeout wall is new type of locker system for such products which are picked into shopping bags. Concept works best when the picking site and the delivery site locate close to each other.


Short presentation: Takeout wall.pdf  

Why to invest? Argumentations: Takeout wall benefits.pdf

General tips for Takeout wall implementations: Options and examples.pdf


Two different models




Takeout wall grocery

Takeout wall and a dark storeTakeout wall grocery.pdf

Capacity calculation and profitability analysis for Takeout wall grocery: Profitability analysis.pdf


Semi-automated delivery point

        Takeout wall in a semi-automated delivery point:  Semi-automated delivery point.pdf

        How much can be saved compared to non-automated delivery point? Estimation: Benefit analysis TW.pdf


Intellectual property rights (IPR)

Pickdelso Oy has pending patent applications for Takeout wall: WO2016185094, US 15/571,261, CN201690000887.7, CN201721848053.4

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